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The videos and podcasts featured on this page can help you when you're struggling.



ACVO Challenge Poverty Film


The following video comes from ACVO and Volunteer Aberdeen.

This video takes a look at three organisations operating in Aberdeen to help support those living in poverty.



Ask, Tell, Save a Life!


We all have moments when we struggle, we all can help each other through those moments.


To watch the video click here



Check in on Those Around You


Regardless of how they appear, we often don’t really know what is going on with a person and that’s why it’s so important we talk to each other about our mental health.



Child & Adolescent Mental Health


NHS Grampian went live in May 2020 with Dr Lynne Taylor, the clinical director of the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service in Grampian. If you missed it, you can watch it again on YouTube



How Sleep Affects Your Emotions


People often tell us that broken (or no) sleep impacts on their mental wellbeing and resilience. Here's a short TED talk explaining why that might be.


To watch it now, click here.



I Had a Black Dog, His Name Was Depression


helps highlight the importance of speaking up and seeking help if you’re having a rough time.


To watch the video click here



Reducing Stigma


Aberdeen born Professional Skateboarder John Rattray lost his sister to Suicide in 2011 and in 2019 a friend and fellow skateboarder also took their life. John has been active in trying to encourage conversation and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide.

John and a hardy group of friends have undertaken a number of fundraising and awareness raising trips across the US and more recently Scotland.


See the video here



See Me Scotland


Working to reduce Stigma is an important element in suicide prevention so we are delighted to see the new campaign launched by our partners See Me Scotland .

Check out the video here




Suicide Can Affect Anyone


Suicide can affect anyone from all walks of life, and it is everyone's business to do what we can to prevent it.

PC Jonathan Davis explains a bit more in this video



Suicide Prevention Q&A


Our Suicide Prevention Manager, Liam Yule, answers your questions on how to help someone you’re worried about, stigma and living with suicidal thoughts.


Watch the full video here



Three Dads Walking


Mike, Andy and Tim are Three Dads Walking and have been campaigning to raise awareness of suicide following the tragic deaths of their teenage daughters. They were interviewed on BBC breakfast and we'd recommend having a watch on the link below.


We think they explained brilliantly why talking about suicide is so important and how it really does save lives



Unearthing Farming Lives


A fantastic and moving video developed by NFU Scotland and Samaritans Scotland Robert Gordon University and Live Life Aberdeenshire highlights the incredible pressures and challenges our local farmers face. Take time to watch the video and look out for those you care about and know in the industry. No matter how tough someone may appear on the outside, we often don’t know how they are feeling on the inside until we have that conversation.


To watch it now, click here.