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Also since the last update we have reached 96908 total users with the Prevent Suicide app and website. Remember you are not alone and all these people have been affected too. For more stats click here


If you need help now head to our Urgent Help page or you can find local services in your area here.



Prevent Suicide Northeaset and Highland Apps Article



The press and journal recently featured the app, and its Highland version, over the festive period.


Read the full story here



There is Always Hope



Community mental health nurse Carrie Paterson, has appeared on the front page of The Press and Journal today, alongside the front cover of Your Life magazine within where she has spoken about her role.


Read the full story here



Destigmatising the Conversation Around Suicide



The Press and Journal recently spotlighted the important work being done in Scotland to address suicide prevention. The focus has shifted towards destigmatising the conversation around suicide, promoting understanding, and offering support to those impacted.


World Suicide Prevention Day and recent statistics have brought this issue to the forefront in Scotland. Events like Walk of Hope are raising awareness, and the Scottish Government’s "Creating Hope Together" strategy over the next decade aims to address factors leading to suicide and support affected individuals.


Vicky Henderson leads a team in Aberdeenshire, delivering local suicide prevention programs and advocating for community engagement to create a supportive network.


The Prevent Suicide app, part of these efforts, provides resources and has seen thousands of downloads, reflecting the community's commitment to this cause.


Read the full story here



Conversation Starters


Asking about suicide is hard. It can feel daunting and often confusing as when to ask. It is okay to build to this question and our friends at SAMH & United to Prevent Suicide have put together some useful conversations starters that could help in leading us to ask about suicide



“Why don’t we have a coffee and talk about it?”



“I’ve been a bit worried about you"



“You haven’t been yourself lately, is everything alright?




Walking and Talking - The Canmore Trust



Liam from SAMH and one of our team in the North East spent the day ‘walking and talking’ with John Gibson from the Canmore Trust.


John tragically lost his son Cameron to suicide in 2019 and alongside his family has put incredible effort and passion into helping others and trying to break down the stigma and barriers that exist.


It was moving to hear John tell his story and inspiring to hear how he walked from Lands End to John o’ Groats with the aim of starting a national conversation around suicide.


It is vital that we all work and learn together across Scotland to help those in need and try to support those with thoughts of suicide and those bereaved by suicide and it is always useful to understand what is happening in other areas of Scotland.


Read more about the Canmore Trust here -



Fit for Farming



Farming can be isolating, but if you are a farmer or work in agriculture and have been having a tough time, you are most definitely not alone and support is available. The NHS Grampian & Men's Health Forum ‘Fit for Farming’ offers some excellent advice and support:


Please speak up, it is one of the toughest but bravest things you can do.



The Pittodrie Community Hub




Enjoy free hot food, drinks & activities!

Thursdays 1pm-4pm.

Please enter through the RDS reception.

Find out more here



Men United SCIO Community in Peterhead



A fantastic and knowledgeable group and the support they offer each other and way they look out for each other and members of the community is incredible. Sandy and the team do some fantastic work and if you are a man in Aberdeenshire who feels they’re struggling or you’re worried about a man you know then we’d encourage you to reach out and learn more about what they do and how they can help you or a loved one.


Don’t man up, speak up.






Liam Yule from the SAMH north east Scotland Suicide Prevention team shared his thoughts on the impact of post pandemic life with many still struggling and feeling isolated.


Article: Lockdown is over but some Scots feel more isolated than ever



Supporting Your Child - A Guide for Parents



Talking to children and young people about suicide can be scary and sometimes separating fact from myth can be difficult but the link below from Papyrus offers a fantastic guide on why it is important to have these conversations and how we can go about starting them - Supporting Your Child - A Guide for Parents






Depression is a low mood that lasts for a long time, and affects your everyday life. Our resource includes:

  • What are the symptoms of depression?
  • What causes depression?
  • How can I look after myself?
  • How can loved ones help?
  • Useful contacts


For more info click here



Suicide - Living with your Thoughts



We live in fantastically vibrant multi cultural and multi lingual societies and it’s great to see SAMH investing in ensuring that many of the useful resources, including the ‘Suicide, Living with your thoughts’ are now available in other languages.


For more info click here