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After a Suicide


When someone we love dies by suicide, the grieving process can be more complex and even more difficult to resolve. Some natural responses to bereavement by suicide include confusion, guilt and shame and isolation.


You don’t have to face this alone. It’s important to talk about your feelings and the person you've lost with family, friends, or a support service. Consider seeing your GP for additional support during this time.


See here for a list of bereavement support services in your area.


Legal Considerations


The aftermath of a suicide involves certain legal procedures with the Police and Procurator Fiscal, which can delay traditional mourning practices. There are also the funeral arrangements to consider. This may add extra stress for those already grieving.


To help you cope with this additional pressure, there are a variety of services you can contact on our  bereavement support services page.


After a Suicide PDF

If you have been affected by suicide please read the SAMH ‘After a Suicide PDF’.


This booklet will help you with the practical issues that need to be faced after a suicide, it talks about some of the emotions that you might be experiencing, and suggests some places where you can get help.