Common Signs


Being aware of the signs relating to suicide may help you identify a person who is struggling to cope. Read on to learn the common signs to look for such as:



• They talk about wanting to die and don’t see the point of living, or a way out of their situation.

• They have been through stressful life events or have experienced significant losses and don’t seem to be coping.

• They give away prized possessions.

• They start putting things in order, e.g. arranging wills, pet care or childcare.



• They show marked changes in behaviour, appearance or mood; they may seem distracted, sad, distant or lacking in concentration.

• Also, watch out for sudden uplift in mood or calmness as this can sometimes be because the person feels they have found a solution to their problems, no matter how drastic this may be.

• They have made a previous suicide attempt.